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Danger Time is a game I am developing. 


Use Drake Duck's unique abilities to catch and save suiciders.



Keyboard: Arrow keys to run, up arrow to jump, down arrow dive down (Ultimate Punch), [Ctrl] to activate Danger Time (when ready). [SPACE] to restart level. [RETURN] to pause level.

Gamepad: Analogue Stick to run, [A]/[B] jump, [X]/[Y] dive, [RB] Danger Time, [LB] restart, [START] pause.

It's the year 2030.

The atmosphere no longer exists so there is a digital sky and artificial atmosphere.
Suicide rates have recently sky rocketed in the city, leading it to becoming known as Death Wish City.
Our hero Drake Duck goes to investigate, believing it to be a conspiracy and that many people are in Danger and need saving!
Is someone making all these people throw themselves off skyscrapers?

Drake Duck:
Drake is a character I have been designing on and off for some time. He is a hero I have been waiting to establish for a game, this was a great opportunity to finally do that! I think I managed to develop my ideas for the character based on the game jam theme quite well, and he is well suited to the theme.

I wanted him to have a twist on traditional super hero ideas with some fresh ideas too, that would lend themselves nicely to a game of similar principles; of a twist on traditional gameplay.
I don't like to take myself too seriously, so I hope this character, along with his origin story and new game will amuse people.

I wanted him to be a pastiche of many of my favourite characters, and so some of you may be able to guess who he is inspired by.
Some of my many influences for Drake were: Sonic The Hedgehog, Jazz Jackrabbit, Gizmoduck, Cold Shadow, Darkwing Duck, as well as super heroes such as Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron man,

I drew from a lot of inspirations, for the characters looks and origin, but I also wanted him to be unique in his own right.
With previous concept designs of the character Drake has been older and more established, while this touches on his origin so he is much younger.

Danger Time:
Traditionally it is often considered best to design the game core mechanics and concepts first and then design the art style and characters later based on what is believed to be the best match for the gameplay.

With this game the gameplay ideas came from a character design concept.
Drake is unique in that he can develop strength very quickly from being regular to super human, I thought this could lend to interesting gameplay elements.

The idea for the Danger Time ability evolved organically while designing and playing the game as a mechanic which would fit well with the gameplay. It adds quite a bit of strategy to the game as you can only use it once per level and for a short time..

The ability is so valuable in the game that I have named the game after it!

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